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  • The total area cover by Britain is 201,331 square kilometers. It is located on the Northwest coast of Europe.

  • There is a lot going on in Britain’s political scene. It is important because it will affect the economy of many countries.

Brexit: The Latest Developments

Brexit is one of the hottest topics that the whole world is discussing. The impact that it has on the economic and political terms is at a huge level. We will provide with all the latest updates regarding Brexit.


What We Can Do In Britain?

Iconic Places
There are a lot of iconic places in Britain that you cannot afford to miss. It will definitely exceed your expectations in every aspect.
Attractive Spots
There are a lot of spots in Britain that are an absolute treat for your eyes. All it takes is just one site with them.
Variety Of Dishes
When it comes to food Britain will not disappoint you. There are a lot of great restaurants and serves delicious dishes.

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The Risk Of A Constitutional Crisis In Britain

The crises began when the Britain voted to leave the European Union. There were always the possibilities of these crises knowing that there are chances that the Scottish government rejects the approval of the removal of Britain from EU. There were always the chances of taking the petition of new rule seriously where the Britain calls for second vote where sixty percent approval was required and was turned out to be seventy-five percent on the EU related matters. This awakens a a fascinating question, what would the constitutional crises look like to the country who initially brought up the idea of national constitution and failed to get a written one.

The constitutional crises can be understood as the dilemma a country faces itself in, where there is no written solution in the constitution defining an answer to the problem pressing on the government. There is no doubt that when the country is finding itself in the constitutional uncertainty, it is a huge call for crises. In such situations, the strong political figures must be ready to pull the charge when its on the verge of its limit and must be capable to swath the population signalling that they are ready to take on the charges and act upon them. While, this might control the situation for a short while, the other powerful political people must be ready with the reasons and solutions other way round.

The cause of uncertainty arises when everyone has signed a written document stamping their agreement but the constitution has no solution to resolve their conflict. As the model is not putting a justice and is unable to put the dispute to an end with all the written rules and principles and being the power book clearly as that of the UKs. Due to the absence of unifying British document the role of Scotland’s parliament to leave a vote became more complex. The law of 1998 binds the Scottish Parliament to accept the Britain’s withdrawal as it is bound to follow the EU law as per the judge on European Court of Justice.

The argument that the unwritten document of British constitution raised the crises and uncertainty over Brexit than it would have with the written constitution. As the Scotland’s act is also an act of British Parliament, as per the British constitutional tradition the verdict from the Parliament is the final verdict and is absolute.

15 Things To Know Before Visiting Great Britain

Here’s what you need to remember before you head to Great Britain:

The Brits are super proud of English cuisine. While it may fall slightly on the blander side, the food here tastes really great! SO make sure you have enough of the English cuisine while you’re here!

Don’t be surprised if you hear two Brits conversing in two different accents! That’s because they have a lot of different accents here, which are sure to leave you as tourist bewildered.

Conversations are peppered with sarcasm – brace yourself for some straight-faced sarcasm!

Brits love a good drink – so you’re rest assured you’re in safe hands when it comes to experimenting with drinks here!

There’s a reason why eccentricity is the most celebrated trait here in Britain – it’s because everything here is something you must have never heard before – right from the customs to festivals to events!

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, this is the place you must, have to visit! London is the home of Harry Potter, and you’ll know why when you see the numerous Harry Potter film scenes, the 9 3/4th railway platform and a lot of other Potter references here!

Your tour to Britain isn’t complete by any means if you haven’t visited the quintessential countryside of Great Britain!

There are three nations within Great Britain – Wales, England and Scotland!

Tea is everything here – and you’re sure to lose count of the number of cafes serving delectable Tea of various types of tea here!

Soccer runs in their blood – so make sure you enjoy a fist-thumping football match while you’re here!

The Brits stand by their etiquettes and politeness – keep this in mind at all times!

The moody weather here justifies why the Brits talk so much about the weather! So don’t be surprised if every conversation is peppered with weather-talk – it’s the norm here to discuss the weather!

Boasting, bragging, humble-bragging are big no’s while in Britain. Self-praise is something the Brits are averse to – so even if you’re used to blowing your own trumpet, keep the sound down when in Britain!

Eye contact in London is a big turn-off. Every Londoner avoids eye-contact, so forget about the friendships you were planning to forge on your way to London!

And yes, everywhere apart from London, making no eye-contact is considered rude! So yes, other than London, eye-contact everywhere!


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